Sunday, April 4, 2010

Advice Needed: From Naha to a beautiful island beach

Hi! I only have 1 day to go to one of the islands and your input will be much appreciated.

1) Aka Island or Zamami Island??? Would you suggest the Nishihama beach on Aka Island or the Furuzamami Beach on Zamami Island is prettier?

2) Where can I find the ferry schedule? And do I need to reserve tickets ahead of time? (I%26#39;ll be there in the beginning of April). It should be boarding from Tomari port in Naha right? I need same day return. 1 day visit to one beach should be comfortably do-able?

3) Would you recommend the Queen Zamami III which takes only 50 minutes but cost 2,580 yen one way (is this price correct?) or can we save money by going with Ferry Zamami which takes around 2 hours and cost 1,860yen. Of course I am leaning towards the Queen, but need to know the scheduling of the departure times.

Do you know if it is cheaper to get roundtrip tickets within a day?

4) Are there another beach you would recommand other than the two beaches I mention in my (1) above?

Thank you for your reply in advance!!!

Happy Travels! ^____^

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