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where to stay for about 100/night in Tokyo

Is this even reasonable? If we are not in any central location, we would prefer to be near a major metro that can get us around easily.

We would love to rent an apartment and will be in Japan for a little over 1 week in July. I am trying to look online for them now...

Any advice would be great to help with the best neighborhoods...


where to stay for about 100/night in Tokyo

Read this thread:…

In addition, if you are ok with a less-than-perfect location and no frills amenities, then there are several options in Tokyo (assuming you have 2 travelers in total). Unlike here at home, even budget hotels in Japan are clean and safe, though rooms can be small.

Check these:…Tokyo.html

If you just need a simple, non-apartment style hotel room, then there are even more options. However, you need to make a quick decision and book ASAP.

where to stay for about 100/night in Tokyo

Thanks. Yes there%26#39;s only 2 of us... and we don%26#39;t care much about apartment amenities vs. hotel. Just need a clean, safe place to sleep and shower :-)

I really like the Weekly Mansion. Is there any place in Kyoto or Osaka like this?

Thanks again


Duo Inn and Palaceside Hotel offer rooms with a kitchenette. However, both are exceptionally popular and get booked up months in advance. There are great reviews in TA about these properties that you can read about.

Another good place to check:


I don%26#39;t know much about Osaka, but here%26#39;s what I found--…

Osaka is much more affordable than Tokyo.

Thanks everyone! I am not in much need of a kitchen, but going from my European travel experiences - apartment rentals tend to be cheaper and less hassle than hotels.

If there were a cheaper hotel I would be interested in that as well. I will take a look at the links sent!

In Japan, the no-frills, plain-jane business hotels are cheaper than apartment style hotels or vacation rentals.

Double occupancy per room, good/reasonable tourist locations



10500 (Asakusa)

9800 Weekly Mansion Gotanda (Japanese website)


Toyoko Inn is a well known business hotel chain. The rooms are small with little or no closet space. The luggage typically has to go under your bed and the walls are somewhat thin. It has free computer terminals at the lobby and a very basic breakfast (usually just a roll and coffee). It is clean and safe and you will find many tourists staying there. Cost of a room is 9,240 Yen including tax. In terms of location, the Shinjuku and Ikebukuro areas are more interesting, but those hotels are all about 10+ minutes walking from the station. Shinagawa is more of an office area but the hotel%26#39;s location seems to be much closer to the station itself. Otsuka is also another possible choice since it%26#39;s close to the station and just one stop from Ikebukuro. The English website for booking is:

For about the same price as Toyoko, you can stay at Dormy Inn at Akihabara (electric town), Hatchobori (near the center of Tokyo%26#39;s business district), or Asakusa. Dormy Inn is a chain that even has a hot spring bath in the hotel%26#39;s public area so it%26#39;s great to soak for a bit at the end of the day. The rooms are also better furnished than Toyoko. The hotel%26#39;s website, however, is only in Japanese. Rakuten only pulls up the Asakusa location.

Thank you again everyone! Very helpful!

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