Sunday, April 4, 2010

discount sumo tickets?

my friends %26amp; i heading down to osaka friday morning and we want to check out the sumo tournament on saturday. we were planning on standing in line saturday morning for general admission tickets as we are on a bit of a budget.

i remember someone telling me about being able to get discount on arena seating for baseball, sumo, etc. at some kind of ticket booth in namba station if you go on the day of as long as there are leftover tickets.

does anyone know anything about this? if so, where is this ticket booth %26amp; what is it called? i%26#39;m somewhat familiar with namba station, so we should be able to find it with a few details.


discount sumo tickets?

Your best chance is to just go to the sumo arena, Osaka Furitsu Taikukan, very early on the morning of the day. The same-day tickets are sold from about 7 or 8 am on a first come, first serve basis.

discount sumo tickets?

If you are talking about a discount ticket-selling counter called ';kinken shop,'; there%26#39;s one somewhere along the shopping arcade that you find located oppsosite from the Swissotel. But I%26#39;m not sure if a sumo ticket is available in the price range you%26#39;d want...

No sumo ticket listed on Daikokuya, one of the larger discount ticket brokers.銆€

Same day unreserved seat ticket(2000yen) available from 8am at the venue.

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