Friday, April 2, 2010

How much spending money will i need?

Hi I am going to be spending a week in Tokyo in late august/early september and am trying to figure out how much yen I will need to have. I have all my accomadation booked and payed for and have money set aside for the touristy things I want to do. So I what I want to know now is how much people think I would need for the week for meals, shopping and any other expenses. I will also have a JR pass. Please help :)

PS I am Australian but can also use $US

How much spending money will i need?

This might help -

How much spending money will i need?

Thanks that gives me an idea.

I recently stayed in Tokyo, did A LOT! The most interesting attractions were either free or dirt cheap (museums 500 yen or so, river cruise was around the same I think, parks 300 yen). Meals you can eat at small restaurants for very cheap, or I even ate at a few upscale places, just ordering entree, or pasta, no drinks, my most expensive meal was around 20000 yen. The only day I spent money was when I went to an Onsen and traditional Japanese restaurant. Go to the bars at happy hour, and remember Tokyo is just so much fun to walk around and take pictures. I came with 900 USD, I came home with around half of that, 7 days, if it wasn%26#39;t for the onsen, I probably spent about $300 us dollars on meals, jr train, museums, one river cruise, a few trips to the bar at happy hour. You%26#39;ll have fun, don%26#39;t worry about spending a fortune.

PS. I brought around 1000 usd for souveniers and spent like 30. Most of the shops were very much like stuff I could get at home, in some cases more expensive (electronics), the only souveniers i saw i really wanted i had to pass on as they would not fit in my carry on bag. hope this helps!

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