Sunday, April 4, 2010

KIX to Kyoto

I will be arriving at KIX at 6.40pm. I am wondering how long it will take me between landing and arriving in Central Kyoto. ie. length of customs procedures, buying train ticket (as posted elsewhere a JR West Kansai pass [?] for the Haruka train), the train itself, and tranferring to central Kyoto by subway. Is arriving at my hotel (probably the Kyoto Garden hotel) by 9.30pm somewhere in the ballpark? I%26#39;d like to know so I can let whichever hotel I book know that I will arriving fairly late in the evening

KIX to Kyoto

9:30pm is a safe bet. You will most likely be able to catch the 19:46 Haruka Express to Kyoto Station which arrive sat about 9:00pm.

The train before 19:46 is 19:16 so it will be very tight.

KIX to Kyoto


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