Friday, April 2, 2010

English speaking guide in Tokyo

I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me the name of a good private guide who speaks english in Tokyo. I am not interested in a volunteer guide but would like someone who freelances and has worked for high end tour operators such as Abercrombie %26amp; Kent. we are a family of two adult and two teenage girls who would like a guide who can really explain religious, cultural and historical aspects of Tokyo and Japan.

I have posted a similar post previously but received only advice to use a volunteer guide. PLEASE if you know the name of a professional - I would so appreciate the referral.


English speaking guide in Tokyo

When are you going and how long do you need a guide for? I know a few professional guides in Tokyo. They are quite expensive and usually are booked way in advance in busy seasons. I think they charge 35,000 yen+/day.

English speaking guide in Tokyo

But if you feel comfortable paying for a professional guide, you should already have access to various corporate concierge/travel services who can easily arrange for the service.

Thank you - I would appreciate knowing the contact information for the guides as it may well be worth the expense to us.

We will be in Tokyo and kyoto for several days in June.

We will also be in Hakone - but will not need a guide for that segment of the trip. I do not think we would want a guide for every day - we rather enjoy getting lost etc. some of the time.


I have contacted two guides in Tokyo. Unfortunately, one has just retired and the other is pregnant and due in June. However, they both recommended this website where you can search licensed guides:


The key is to put area (Kanto for Tokyo) and language only and click search. That way you%26#39;ll hit more results. Good luck.

Wow I checked story%26#39;s link to Guides, they are indeed pricey. From 20,000 to 35,000 yen. Someone mentioned the %26#39;free%26#39; guides. Anyone have more info on that?

oops i meant Shibuyakko%26#39;s post, not story%26#39;s.

Here is the link to volunteer guides:

Keep in mind that volunteer guides are just that, volunteers. There is no guarantee s/he has knowledge in culture, history, religion, geography, etc. On the other hand, all licensed guides will have a certain degree of knowledge in all aspects, since they have to pass a difficult national exam to become licensed.

Here%26#39;s another website I ran across about a year ago.

Thank you for following up on this Shibuyakko - I will try the website.

Best Wishes for the New year.

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