Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheap beer, fun atmosphere in Sapporo?

We arrived in Sapporo this morning on the Casseopia and so far we are loving it! We just returned to our hotel (between Suskino and Oodori Park on the main road) from Ramen Alley and had a great meal. However, we are looking for somewhere with a fun, lively atmosphere to drink some cheap Sapporo draft and maybe people watch...where is the best place? Thinking of going to the Sapporo or Kirin Beer Garden but the Sapporo is kind of far from us and I cant find anyone mentioning Kirin Beer Garden on here at all. Any advice?

Cheap beer, fun atmosphere in Sapporo?

Seem my restaurant posts (Kushi-dori is good, with people, beer and English menu).

ALso the izakaya (Japanese pub) above the MacDonalds in Susukino at about South 3 West 4. All-you-can drink plan plus good people watching.

Cheap beer, fun atmosphere in Sapporo?

Yeah, suggest you go to a place that offer all you can drink. Many genghis khan and izakayas offer nomihoudai (all you can drink) for 1000 - 1500 yen (you can make your money back in just 2-3 beers).

A good restaurant my group want to is Gyukaku (just across from Susukino Green 1 hotel) - same street as Toyoko Inn and Kani Shogun. All you can drink for just 1050 (include beer, sours (fruity beer), some japanese sakes, etc etc).

Food was good and crowd was very lively! You can also get all you can eat + all you can drink for under 5000 yen per person during weekdays.

Kirin is a Southern beer as opposed to Sapporo, stick with the local brew and food. It%26#39;s not a great people watch area, perhaps because it%26#39;s still a heavy, working culture, but still fun.


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