Friday, April 2, 2010

Kokeshi Dolls

Where will I be able to purchase Kokeshi Dolls?

Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi Dolls

The dolls are getting harder to find. Fortunately they are still affordable and in great condition. I helped my wife collect about 100 of them all over Japan. The factories are hard to find but fascinating once you find them. The easier way is through flea markets and Ebay.

Where will you be?

If in Tokyo, you can pick up some at the Oriental Bazaar in Harajuku. Or in Asakusa (at the touristy places).

We will be all over Tokyo (Shibuya, Otemesando, Shinjuke, (Sorry if spelling is off) as well as Kamakura and Kyoto...Arashiyama too.

I just didnt know if they were hard to find and need to look for a specialty store or if they would be pretty much everwhere.

Sounds like I wont have any problems finding some.

As you may know, experts can tell where a Kokeshi was made by the features, paint, and decoration. It will mean more to you if you buy it in the factory in that region. Some places let you try making one, way more difficult than you expect.


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