Sunday, April 4, 2010

osaka hotels

how about swissotel nankai or flexstay shinsaibashi inn? can anyone share their experiences with me? thanks.

osaka hotels

You can read reviews of the hotels in the Osaka Hotels section of this web site.

osaka hotels

I don%26#39;t know anything about Flexstay Shinsaibashi Inn, but I have stayed at Swissotel in Namba (it sits on top of Namba Nankai train station) and can assure you it%26#39;s a fantastic hotel with a particularly impressive lobby and great service. With a direct link to Kansai airport and the subway, it%26#39;s also very convenient (though not as convenient as the Umeda area if you%26#39;re thinking of visiting places like Kyoto) and you%26#39;ve got more shops, bars and restaurants than you%26#39;ll ever need right on your doorstep.

They are in the different league; the Flexstay Shinsaibashi is a no frill business hotel whereas the Swissotell Nankai is a 4 star. If you an afford it, go for the Swissotel.

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