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Luxury Ryokan

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We are a family travelling to Kyoto just before golden week ( 2 children 6 and 8 yrs ) . April 23 to 28 and I was wondering if there is such a thing as a luxury Ryokan in Kyoto . Want to try and give the kids some interesting experinces


Luxury Ryokan

Are there ever!!

Take a look at this link:

Hiiragiya and Tamahan are outstanding. Not in the link, but Tawaraya is also excellent--here is the review:鈥?/a>

I wonder if your kids are too young to appreciate such experience because it%26#39;s going to be very expensive--about $2,000 USD for one night with dinner and breakfast. In my personal experience, kaiseki dinner for kids is a big waste of money. Some of the ingredients are just too foreign to a typical Western child.

In any case, the Hiiragiya, Tamahan and Tawaraya are my favorites. Book way early, especially at Tawaraya.

Luxury Ryokan

I%26#39;m not even a child and some of the ingredients are too foreign for me.

I agree with Shibuyakko that the environment and expense of a luxury ryokan would be wasted on a young child. The most expensive places I%26#39;ve stayed have been pretty hushed, serene places with nothing much to do - the goal is to enjoy an exquisite, slow, beautiful meal, soak in the tub, and generally stroll about in yukata wondering what the poor people are doing.

In Kyoto I%26#39;d prefer a hotel when the dinner hours are less restrictive and offer more choice, to go out or stay in. You%26#39;ll want to be on the go on your own schedule to see what you want to see in Kyoto. I%26#39;d save the luxury ryokan for a later trip.

I wouldn%26#39;t waste money on expensive ryokans anywhere in Japan. Those places are not for kids to run around or stay and appreciate the tranquility. Stay at a Machiya type old but renovated town house so nobody can bother.

An alternative would be to stay in a luxury hotel that has an onsen and/or Japanese style rooms (with tatami mats and futons). That way you and your kids can enjoy a taste of traditional Japan without the restrictions placed on you by a ryokan which, I agree, would be a bit dull for children. Hotel Monterey has an onsen, though I%26#39;m not sure if it has Japanese-style rooms:鈥?/a>

Hi vangroovey123

Have a look through this site鈥yoto. When I was looking a couple of months ago there was an apartment/house in the grounds of a family home. The owners had small children so they said on the site that small children will be playing in the courtyard. I have had a quick look tonight but can%26#39;t remember which place it was.

What a great and rewarding experience that would be for your children, playing with Japanese children and it may keep them occupied while mum and dad have a rest at the end of the day. It will also give them some where to stretch their legs.

Good luck


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