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Cassiopeia Night Train from Sapporo to Tokyo

Does anyone know what days the Cassiopeia Night Train leaves Sapporo to go overnight to Tokyo. It only goes three to four nights a week and I would like to catch it on a Saturday night this February but I cannot seem to find out the days it leaves. It leaves at 4:12 pm from Sapporo. Also I was wondering if anyone has been on it?????

Cassiopeia Night Train from Sapporo to Tokyo

Each calendar row starts from Sunday to Saturday

Grey: leaving Ueno

Purple: leaving Sapporo

Red: holiday (meaning??) for room availability. Columns are Month, Day, Day of Week, Leaving Ueno, Leaving Sapporo. Triangle means only 1-10 rooms left. Circle means lots. accommodation pictures (click on the train car chart)

Cassiopeia Night Train from Sapporo to Tokyo

If you have a google login, I have posted some pictures I took in 2003 of the train at Ueno Station shortly before departure:


Thank you very much for your response bibimbob and Route 246

It appears that I am fortunate and there is a train leaving Sapporo on the Saturday afternoon that I want to leave. The train looks fabulous and your photos Route 246 must be of the Suite - it looks fantastic. I was thinking of the less expensive twin room. One thing - if the train is a double decker can you stand up everywhere if you are tall. My sons are 6%26#39;4'; (1.93cm) - will they be able to stand up inside??

Now that you have helped me to find this information out, would you be able to answer a few other queries??

- Do you know if it is possible to book this train from Australia or is there a way to do it on the web site you showed me bibimbob. I would have to find someone who could speak and read Japanese.

- The dates I want to travel are not showing up on the chart yet. I believe that you can only book a month ahead - it that correct??

-I was hoping to use the JR Railpass (for foreigners- purchased in Australia before I go to Japan) However I have been told that I cannot book the Cassiopeia from Australia. This means that I could buy the JR Pass but this does not guarantee I will get a room on the train.The train could be booked out by the time I can book- I only arrive in Japan a week before the train departs so there is not much time. Do you have any suggestions????? is the main page for the cassiopeia train, reservation, etc.. the links in the middle on the right are specific to this train. The links on the top row are for JR trains in general, including reservation.

The thing is this reservation service is for customers located inside Japan. You are using a pass for foreigners. I don%26#39;t see a good chance of you being able to use it to reserve, even if you can get someone who is fluent in Japanese. You can however find an English travel agent in Tokyo ( see list here ) and ask. But again you don%26#39;t have a validated pass in hand....

I%26#39;ve been trying to do this from outside of Japan, too. Just found out from a travel agent that we would have to pay full fare, book through a Japanese travel agent, have the tickets sent to us in the US or arrange to pick them up in Japan. Also that the tickets go on sale one month in advance and they are usually sold very quickly the first day they are available.

Thanks for your reply. Yes this is the information that I had from a travel agent here in Sydney. I thought that she may have thought it was all too difficult and was trying to put me off by saying it couldn%26#39;t be done. I will be really sorry to miss out on this train journey. It did seem to be very expensive (by Australian standards) almost AUS$500 per person and there are 4 of us travelling in the family. With the pass it seemed to be about AUS$200 however it seems to be a catch 22. I don%26#39;t really want to buy the pass unless I know I can go on the train.

The Cassiopeia looks much nicer than the other train that also does the same trip.It%26#39;s called Hokk??? or something. I guess it is the same story as the Cassiopeia and it is probably booked out as well. As I want to travel on a Saturday night I think that I have even less chance of booking on it than a week night which could be less popular. I guess there is alway the day train, but you waste the day and time is precious on holidays!!!

I forgot to mention that I put your suggested web pages in google and if I cut off the last few words I was able to get the web pages to come up in Japanese then (translate this page) on some of the pages. It%26#39;s not perfect but better than Japanese. I don%26#39;t know if I%26#39;ve eplained that very well.

You can use the Japanese official travel agent at based in Melbourne. I have emailed them with inquiries about the Cassiopeia train and they asked me to let them know when I%26#39;m ready to book. The advised the price was $468+ $55 booking fee for a twin room.

sorry that should have .au

Thanks for the Melbourne Travel Agent. My SAydney travel agent still hasn%26#39;t got back to me after nearly a week!!! Is that A$468 plus $55 per person or is the $468 for 2 people in the one room????

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