Sunday, April 4, 2010

Best day to visit Tokyo Disney parks

Does anyone know what the best days would be to visit both of the Tokyo Disney parks? My trip is in July. I know the weekends would be crowded. Are there any better days during the week? We will be there from the 8th to the 22nd of July. Thanks

Best day to visit Tokyo Disney parks

Any weekday before the 17th, when Japanese school summer break starts is your best bet.

Best day to visit Tokyo Disney parks

Thanks. Would a Friday be good, or is it like our disney parks where fridays are more crowded than other weekdays.

It%26#39;s been a while since I last visited Disney in Tokyo--my boy is now a teenager and would not go with me... We used to go a lot and I don%26#39;t remember Fridays being more crowded than weekdays.

Thanks. We can%26#39;t wait to go.

My believe is that Tues - thurs are the quietest days - however TDL is not quiet - ever! It is astonishingly popular. TDS is far quieter - and an amazingly beautiful park - you will have an easier time there.

Also be aware that TDL has special ';after 6pm'; cheaper tickets - and then more hoards of people pile into the park!

there are many Disney sites with discussion forums and special boards for TDL - questions there may elicit more precise answers for you.

Thanks for the advice. I had read about the after 6:00 deal. I thought that deal was offered because the park got emptier at that time of day. I had no idea that it would become even more crowded. Knowing that will really help us when we plan our day.

Monday!!! Just go ther on Manday.

Monday!! Go there on Monday!!!

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