Friday, April 2, 2010

overnight stopover

My mom and I will have an overnight stopover in Osaka on April 20. What is an inexpensive inn/hotel that is not very far from the airport, something like a bed and breakfast place? A safe place too so I can leave my mom at the hotel while I do some shopping and sightseeing. My mom is 83. Also, how%26#39;s the weather in Osaka in April?

overnight stopover

Safe is not a problem, especially if you%26#39;re leaving her at the hotel. What is your budget?

overnight stopover

Osaka weather averages:…

thanks, route 246. I am thinking of a $40 to $45 for a room good for 2 persons. Would you know of a budget inn that is near the airport so there won%26#39;t be much travelling time from the airport to the hotel.

$40 to $45, assuming USD, is a very limited budget for a double. Realisticlally, I%26#39;d say you need to spend at least $70 for two for a hotel.

I can stretch my budget to USD 70, any recommendation please?

Sunroute Kanku Hotel has rooms for around 7,000 Yen. Note that this rate only shows up on the Japanese reservation page. The English page%26#39;s lowest rate is 9,000 Yen.

The hotel is near Izumiotsu station and has free shuttle service from Kansai airport.

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