Sunday, April 4, 2010

Online Accom Booking & Traveling without advance booking?


We are traveling through Japan from April 10-May 1 as part of a larger round the world trip. We are wanting this trip to Japan to be a little bit open in terms of bookings and dates to give us the flexibility to stay longer in a particular place if we like it or move on if we don%26#39;t.

We are booking essential accommodation when we arrive, but am after some advice on how easy booking accommodation on the fly is?

We realize that we are traveling in a busy period and are already struggling to find mid priced accommodation on weekends in Kyoto/Nara. (11th and 12th of April)

Are there any good websites that anyone can recommend for booking Japanese/Western accommodation?

And how easy is it to book accommodation when we arrive? Either through the Tourist Info Offices or in person at the Hotel/Ryokan?

We are planning to travel from:




Takayama (close to festival time)



Noto Hanto


Sado Island


Budget wise we are looking for accommodation in the price range of between 10000-20000 Yen for 2people.

Many thanks in advance.

Online Accom Booking %26amp; Traveling without advance booking?

Outside of the large cities during peak period, you can usually find hotel availability. I suggest you perhaps call ahead a day in advance to check a hotel or two if you are going to the larger cities and alternatively, the very small places with small number of hotels.

Rakuten is an English booking engine for Japanese hotels:

Toyoko Inn is a chain of basic and clean no-frills business hotels with rates around 8,000 to 9,000 Yen per double:

Dormy Inn is another chain of business hotels that is a little better than Toyoko, about 10,000 Yen per double:

Roynet is another business chain, about 10,000 to 12,000 Yen per room:

All of the above chains are reliable.

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