Sunday, April 4, 2010

asabu or susukino area

Hi, there, appreciate some advise on the above 2 areas. I wish to know which area is suitable to stay for a 2 weeks holidays in Sapporo, my priorities are transportation and also food and hopefully some quietness at night. Wish to know a little bit more about surrounding area as well. Kindly advise. Thanks

asabu or susukino area

Susukino is downtown. It%26#39;s the nightlife district. Your hotel probably won%26#39;t be noisy, but there will be lots of activity on the street. It%26#39;s good for restaurants and access to all three subway lines. Very colorful for people-watching and evening entertainment. It%26#39;s within walking distance of the downtown sights. If it were me, that%26#39;s where I%26#39;d stay.

Asabu is 40 blocks north. It%26#39;s the northernmost stop on one subway line so access is good, but you wouldn%26#39;t be as central as in Susukino and you wouldn%26#39;t have access to as many subway lines. Restaurants will close earlier, but because it%26#39;s a subway terminus there will be places to eat. It%26#39;s not a sightseeing area.

You can check out Google street view to get an idea of each area.

I assume you%26#39;re using Sapporo as a jumping-off point for trips to nearby places. You don%26#39;t need two weeks to see Sapporo. There are several rent-a-car offices near both locations.

asabu or susukino area

Yup - Susukino is the place to stay.

It is the nightlife area, but it%26#39;s safe and clean. Lots of restaurants and things to see and do.

Asabu is a local subway/bus terminal suburb.

and 2;s a long long time to stay in Sapporo!

Travelling here is pretty easy for a visitor, there is an excellent train system and buses and a lot of English information. Also you can send bags on ahead with a delivery company.

Definitely don%26#39;t stay 2 weeks at Sapporo. Sapporo itself is worth about 2 days max. Stay another day if you want to do a day trip to Otaru. Otherwise, you should either take the train or rent a car to drive around. With two weeks, you have enough time to see most of Hokkaido.

Definitely stay at Susukino. Whenever you feel there are too many people around, just walk one subway stop south (about 10 to 15 minutes on foot) and take a break at Nakajima Koen (park). During the day, even Susukino or Odori Park aren%26#39;t that busy anyway.


The breakfast buffet in the Richmond Hotel%26#39;s Modish Cafe is great and a bargain. The food and cooking is all local. Afterwards, you can walk it off in the connected shopping mall.


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