Sunday, April 4, 2010

Airport Limo Bus

I%26#39;m reading mixed reviews on the Limo bus.

Do you recommend it over the train?

I%26#39;m staying in Shinjuku just north of the train station, which stop would I need to get off at?

Are you guaranteed a seat on the bus?

How long would you expect the ride to be, from airport to my stop, at about 6pm on this Saturday night?

We%26#39;ll only have carry on luggage, so we can go either bus or train, just want to take the easiest thing, getting in after a long flight and new to the city.

Airport Limo Bus

don%26#39;t believe the limobus stops at any hotels north of Shinjuku station. Closest stop would be Shinjuku station west exit. The train is cheaper if you buy the SUICA+NEX package.

You are guaranteed a seat on the bus. Bus trip takes ~2 hrs on a Saturday evening. Seats are cramped. Not recommended unless it stops at your hotel.

Airport Limo Bus

Yes you are guaranteed a seat once you buy a ticket. The ride is ok but traffic can be bad Saturday evenings so two hours on the bus is not out of the question.

With only carry-on%26#39;s, I would take NEX with the NEX-Suica package. If you hotel is nearby, just have printed maps ready to follow along. If it%26#39;s about 10 minutes or so on foot and you don%26#39;t want to walk, take a taxi and it should be no more than 800 Yen.

What hotel are you staying at?

im landing this sunday and staying at hotel n.u.t.s which is about 15 blocks east of shinjuku station. they dont stop near there so the lady i talked to from the limo service just recommended a cab, she told me it would only be about 1000-1500yen which seems pretty good. all you have to do is go to their desks on the first floor and buy a ticket, pretty much get on the next bus and away you go. here is a link to their drop off points for shinjuku.

Thanks to another poster who did research you can see actual on time performance data instead of guesses.


Even though I love trains, I%26#39;ve taken the Limousine Bus before simply because where I live there is no direct train, but there are direct limousine buses. And I found it quite fine, nothing wrong with it, didn%26#39;t find the seats cramped.

The best thing is if the limousine bus services your hotel, check the limousine bus website, the limousine bus will take you right to the front door, no having to navigate through stations getting lost or anything, door to door from the airport to the hotel (again if it stops at your hotel).

What hotel are you staying at?

In the end its the user preference, both are reliable services.

I think the cramped seats are relative. Compared to using the train you are very cramped in the bus. If you want to get up and stretch your legs and do squats in the aisle it will be very cramped and annoy people if you do this because the aisle is very cramped. If you have claustrophobia like me you will feel a bit cramped. I always try to sit in the front opposite the driver when I ride so it%26#39;s not so bad. The seats are more comfortable than the train if you like a softer, thicker cushioning but the overall cabin is much narrower.

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