Friday, April 2, 2010

airport transfers

When flying into Tokyo we have a airport change. The tickets are cheaper, but what%26#39;s involved in the transfer???



airport transfers

Which airports?

airport transfers

Assuming you are traveling between Narita and Haneda, Limousine Bus -鈥anedaapt_tokyu_h.html

NPT TO HND both in Tokyo i think

Limo Bus is best, IMO.

It%26#39;s a long way. Bus, about 75 minutes and 3,000 yen, is simpler and usually faster than train but if you are not in a hurry, train is about half the cost. Airport web sites show details.

The limobus is much easier. If you take trains, you have to transfer at least twice. Do yourself a favor and take the bus.

When you think the tickets are cheaper, how much cheaper? Not only does the transfer between the two airports cost 3,000 Yen, but it also means you have to allow at least 3 hours between flights and bringing your luggage on and off the bus. Therefore, you have to decide whether all the hassle is worth the savings.

Thanks guys for the info on airport transfers. It helps a lot. I am really liking the forum thing. you are able to get info fast and there is nothing better than getting it first hand!

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I am also debating about the Bus / Train thing to transfer from Narita to Haneda, do let me know which option you choose and how it went.

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