Friday, April 2, 2010

Himeji & Nara Same Day?


I am planning a trip to Japan with limited time for all the great sites. Is it possible to see both Himeji Castle and the Nara Deer Park %26amp; Todaiji Temple in the same day? If so, will it be to rushed to enjoy?


Himeji %26amp; Nara Same Day?

I suppose you could theoretically do Himeji and Nara in one day, but it%26#39;d be a big disservice to both. Nara typically takes a full day (some people give it more than that); Himeji needs at least a half day (more if you do Mt. Shosha, which I recommend).

John W.

Himeji %26amp; Nara Same Day?

I would not recommend you do both on the same day as you won%26#39;t be able to enjoy them. Remember you need to budget for transportation time so by the time you get to the second city, you probably won%26#39;t have much time left and will feel very rushed.

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