Friday, April 2, 2010

Is this hotel ok? 8000yen for 2 in a modern room


How%26#39;s the location of this hotel?

Can I use my JR railpass to reach the hotel%26#39;s nearby station?



Is this hotel ok? 8000yen for 2 in a modern room

This is a great hotel and if you get it for that price it%26#39;s a great deal. You can walk to the JR tracks and you your pass but it%26#39;s going to be way more efficient to use the subway when you%26#39;re in Osaka.

Is this hotel ok? 8000yen for 2 in a modern room

Seeing the map offered by the link you provided, I%26#39;d say it is a bit of a walk to the nearest JR railroad station: JR Osaka. Maybe 25, give or take a few minutes, so no one dares to walk it when you can use the subway reaching it(transfer involved). Sakaisuji is the name of an avenue that run north-south in central Osaka just like the one called Midosuji, along which evertything/everybody gathers around. So Sakaisuji looks rather underwhelming, compared to Midosuji. But if the price quoted looks to beat anywhere else%26#39;s in the central parts of Osaka, it sure is a go staying there. Umm, if there%26#39;s a major stumbling to it: no, I won%26#39;t say a drawback, is, as I suggested, there%26#39;s no direct link on the subway line when you hit places of interest, except for Osaka Castle Park.

You are right, Shot. I misread the map. It is a ways to JR. But, the subway is pretty cheap and at that price it%26#39;s probably very cost-effective.

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