Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where is the best place to exchange currency?

I will be taking Australian dollars to Japan to exchange into Yen.

From where and who will I get the best exchange rate Narita, Shinjuku, Banks, Hotels, ATM%26#39;s????????????

Yipeeeeeeeee the Yen is going up against the Aus$ up to 65 today. I hope it keeps going up.

Where is the best place to exchange currency?

Today’s rate at Mitsubishi Tokyo Bank

Cash selling 74.88, buying 55.48


Cash selling 74.59, buying 55.59


Cash selling 75.39, buying 55.73

Not greatly different, Travelex in Shinjuku located at the convenient area, 1 to 2 min from Subway Shinjuku Exits.

Travelex in Shinjuku.

141 Bldg 1F, 1-4-2 Nishi-Shinjuku


Your hotel may be the worst.

Where is the best place to exchange currency?

That awful buy/sell difference for cash.

Travelers cheques(Mitsubishi UFJ): 67.18 sell 63.02 buy

You get 63.02 yen with TC, versus 55.48 with cash

ATM is similar to TC. But take into consideration the flat fee charged by your bank.

Am I reading that right? The cash rate in Japan is 55Yen to the AUD? When the official rate is somewhere nearer 65. If that%26#39;s the case, I would imagine I%26#39;d be exchanging my cash in Oz before heading over?

Could be best to get as you need, use the ATM at Narita, then maybe Post Office ATM%26#39;s. You dont want to be holding unspent Yen to convert back to AUD %26amp; get hit with commissions twice.

Does that mean that the exchange rate via a Japanese ATM is better than the cash rate? I usually use a combination of cash and ATM when I travel, but that cash rate is appalling

I am wondering about this too. Last time I got 100,00 yen from our bank in Australia before we left, then topped up using our ANZ card in 7 eleven convenience stores from the ATMs a few times.

I don%26#39;t remember exactly what the exchange rates and charges were, but as this was June/ July last year, we were getting quite a good exchange rate of nearly 100 yen to the A$.

Is it a good idea to wait until getting to Japan before getting any yen?

For my Aussie buddies.

Seems like we should get our Yen before we leave Aus.

American Express is today quoting 62.60 for cash and travellers cheques that you can order online or from your local post office.

I think I will order mine next Monday as we leave in 2 weeks. I am taking cash and about A$500 in travellers cheques that I can use to pay hotels towards the end of our 3 week trip if we still have them and have not needed to use along the way.

Need to have a good look at budgeting now for food and other unknown costs so we take about the right amount of cash but will use ATM%26#39;s if we get left short.


Pamies, we are going to Tokyo for only 2 days August at the end of a long trip. I don%26#39;t want to take heaps of yen but like you am so confused with cash rate/e xchange etc. I might have spare US dollars not sure, but hey hope the Aus stays up as they reckon it will.

Let me know when you are back what you think is best.


No worries Cartoon. Look for my post in early May after we get back.

It has been suggested to me by another TA member to allow A$150 per day for 2 adults to cover the costs of meals, the odd extra transport (we will have JR rail passes) and entry fees. Some of our hotels have been paid for but some I still have to pay in cash.

It scares me that I will be carrying nearly A$4,000 cash in Japanese Yen during our 3 week stay.

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