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Chocolate and Ice Cream


Ok, my sis has asked her friend again and she confirmed the chocolate is not the white beloved ones. Its dark chocolate and wrapped like a candy sweet in green wrappers with gold wordings. It has almond in it. Anyone knows where we can find it in Hokkaido and what its called? I guess its not as famous as the white beloved ones but it seems that its very good.

Also, one friend said I must not miss the Hokkaido ice cream - made from flowers she said. Is it the lavender ice cream? Is it readily available as its not summer yet? What other flavours are good?

Many Thanks.

Chocolate and Ice Cream

Hi there

I used your question as a good excuise to go and look at local chocolate shops this afternoon...never a hard task...

Both ROYCE and Locate have chocolates containing fact the ROYCE one is called ';Amande'; - which is so near my name I am convinced these are the best!

one shop staff said that sometimes their chocolates are in special wrappings for seasonal events - so your sister%26#39;s friend may have bought something like ths.

Guess the only thing is to go round sampling all of them!

Ice cream - oh yes...LOTS of lavender ice crea,,,and rose i ce cream...there%26#39;s a shop near the canal in Otaru that sells all sorts of strange kinds of ice cream...including squid, fermented soy beans and sea urchin...


Chocolate and Ice Cream

Hi Amanda

I%26#39;m back from my trip. Many thanks for going round to search for the elusive chocolate.

Sammyfloyd - if you happen to read this mail, thanks for your contributions too.

Good news - found the chocolate we were looking for. Its not the white lovers chocolate - that was wrong info given by my sister%26#39;s friend%26#39;s friend...haha. The chocolate is called tiramisu chocolate (frenze and frenze), it comes in a green wrapper like a sweet and has a big almond in the centre coated with dark chocolate outside. We were on tour and my sis pestered our local guide Tomi-san about this chocolate until he finally revealed that they don%26#39;t sell it in the shops but its by special order only for tour groups and even then, the guides dare not promote it. Wonder how then are they going to sell it??? Anyway, our group ordered quite a number of packets because my sis said it was good (our guide only had one for my sis to sample).

And yes, I really enjoyed the lavender ice cream - its so refreshing - miss it now I%26#39;m back. Tried pumpkin ice cream also but didn%26#39;t like it as much. Yes, amanda, there was this shop near the Otaru canal that sold the 6 tiered ice cream comprising different flavours but i didn%26#39;t try it.

Will write more later. Have a nice weekend.

Hi Romm,

I had tasted the Firenze %26amp; Firenze chocolate you bought. Do you still have the contacts to order the chocolates?

Many thanks

Yes, I%26#39;d like to know too!

the chocolate they only sell to tour groups or via orders? Interesting!!

tell us more!



We finished the packet of chocolates and my sis kept the last chocolate as a sample to show her friends in case anyone is going on tour to Hokkaido.

If you have friends going to Hokkaido with a Singapore tour agency, you could ask them to ask the Japanese tour guides. I think they would know. They are not actively promoting it because it seems in the past, some customers complained that the tour guides were peddling foodstuff on tour buses and thus they had to stop taking orders. Alternatively, if you have friends working as tour managers in our local agencies, you could ask them to buy for you.

Amanda - You have lots of lovely chocolates over there. I%26#39;m still savouring a packet of soybean coated in dark chocolate which I bought during my May trip. Making it last as long as I can :)

I know! that%26#39;s why I love living nature...friendly people....err....chocolate.....


My friend had just bought the firenze %26amp; firenze tiramisu chocolate from Japan for me. But I have not yet try it.I didn%26#39;t understand the Japanese words from the pack...I%26#39;m a muslim from brunei.Do u know that this chocolate %26#39;halal%26#39; for me to eat.I want to know the ingredient.I tried search from the website but I could%26#39;t found it.Can u tell me whether this chocolate halal to eat or not....


Hmmm...I%26#39;m not finding a website for this chocolate.

I wonder if Firenze %26amp; Firenze is the chocolate name but not the chocolate maker.

For halal chocolate, it seems that whey and alcohol would be the questionable ingredients. In Japanese whey would be ';nyuusei.'; This is the kanji: 乳清.

The glue from the wrapper can%26#39;t have come from an animal either.

I%26#39;ve asked lots of Japanese friends about this. No-one knows this chocolate.

Just came back from my Hokkaido trip, and i must admit, there are just wayyyyyyyyyy too many yummy chocolates you can buy in Hokkaido.

I think my favorite one is Royce%26#39;s Nama Chocolates.

The Nama White Choco is just to die for. If anyone hasn%26#39;t tried it, you must! I regret not buying more.

I also got the famous Rokkaitei White Choco strawberry - a bit on the sweet side but still very good.

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