Sunday, April 4, 2010

best area to stay near Narita and train to Kyoto?


we are arriving late afternoon into Narita from the States, and the next day (early, I suppose) heading to Kyoto on the bullet train. When searching for a hotel what is the name of the area which would be convenient to both? It would be great if in the morning we could get to the train station with a minimum of effort.

It would be nice if the area we stay has something worth %26#39;seeing%26#39; that evening, as well, or at least a neighborhood worth poking around, however that is probably less critical as I%26#39;m sure we will be pretty tired.

I%26#39;m open to specific hotel suggestions as well as neighborhoods or streets, this is our first-ever trip to Japan and we are a little overwhelmed at figuring out the layout of such a huge city!

best area to stay near Narita and train to Kyoto?

You have two choices. Near Tokyo Station or near Shinagawa Station. Do you have a budget in mind for your hotel? One room?

I think the most convenient for the following morning is going to be the Strings in Shinagawa.

best area to stay near Narita and train to Kyoto?

What is your budget? Hotel prices can range from 8,000 Yen to 30,000+ Yen for two people.

The level of service/quality is not super important since we will just be there sleeping overnight, but we don%26#39;t want a dump. We have a toddler and it needs to be quiet enough for all of us to sleep, close to the train station, and preferably with a half-interested area to look around before we go to bed. That%26#39;s about all we need.

Shinagawa Prince and Le Meridien Pacific Hotels are next to each other, about 3 minutes on foot west of the station%26#39;s Takanawa-guchi exit.

looks like the Pacific is no longer Le Meridien or Starwood property. Thanks for the suggestions and links - what is the name of this neighborhood or %26#39;area%26#39;?

To me, the area is simply Shinagawa Takanawa-guchi side.


Of the two areas, I would pick Shinagawa as a quiet, easy to get around area with a child. Bear in mind that this is rough traveling depending on your child when you consider it will take another two hours by the time you get into your room after landing. So, your original thoughts of staying the first night in Narita is not a bad idea either.

The Radisson is great. Hotels there are rarely booked so the rates are low. Just don%26#39;t expect to see much there unless you cab into town. It%26#39;s a trade-off.


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