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Sakura forecasts: Mar 21 in Tokyo + rain

Wow, looks like the sakura forecast is getting bumped up earlier and earlier. Today it%26#39;s slated for 3/21 with the peak starting 3/26.

Although the forecast thru Tuesday seems to be rain, can anyone tell me how bad the rains usually are? Should I expect constant showers, or overcast skies with sprinkling on/off, or windy gusts of stormy weather?

Also any recommendations on the best places to view sakura? We%26#39;ll be staying in Shinjuku so we%26#39;ll likely be checking out Shinjuku Gyoen. Also Yanaka cemetery in Ueno. Seems to be a lot of sakura trees along the moats of the Imperial Palace as well.

Sakura forecasts: Mar 21 in Tokyo + rain


I%26#39;ll be there in 5 days. There better be some sakura left!

Sakura forecasts: Mar 21 in Tokyo + rain

%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;Seems to be a lot of sakura trees along the moats of the Imperial Palace as well.%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;

This is a must see sakura spot. Between Hanzomon to Kitanomaru Park, including Chidorigafuchi, is the very best! There will be light up at Chidorigafuchi until 22:00--it%26#39;s majestically beautiful at night. Don%26#39;t forget to swing by Yasukuni Shrine (across Uchibori Dori from Chidorigafuchi)--there will be lots of hamani parties and food stalls.

Other major sakura spots are: Ueno Park, Aoyama Cemetery, Sotobori Park, Meguro River (my second favorite) Sumida River, Asukayama Park, Edogawa Park and Inokashira Park.

I%26#39;ll be there in 6 days :-)

Yes, the sakura watchers at the weather stations bumped the date up. Earliest ever. A couple of petals are starting to blossom. It%26#39;s been unseasonably warm, however tomorrow will be cold and rainy. It%26#39;s Tokyo Marathon day, and if I remember correctly, our camp stove searcher, Alone in the Desert is running! (Good luck, Alone-san!) There%26#39;s a strong rainfront coming up from the south, and tomorrow%26#39;s prediction is ';bad'; in the afternoon. Bad can mean dumping, so it won%26#39;t be pleasant to be out running.

The forecasts change frequently -- spring is the busiest time of the year for contrasting weather patterns. Generally speaking, the weather comes from the south for Tokyo. Whatever happens in Kyushu will hit Tokyo a day or so later, so if you%26#39;re watching the pressure systems, west to east is the pattern.

How bad are the rains? IWell, it%26#39;ll be wet. Not thunderstorm type. But you%26#39;ll need an umbrella.

The national pasttime is Somei Yoshinocherry blossom predicting! lol But do remember that there are other cherry trees that blossom at different times. Some are already in full bloom. Peach trees are really pretty, too. The double petal cherry trees blossom later than the single petal SomeiYoshino, so there%26#39;s still more pink to look forward to!

Oopsies. The weatherpeople said ';thunderstorms'; tomorrow -- depending on where you are. Kyushu will be quite stormy. They are evasive about Tokyo -- will rain in the afternoon. Won%26#39;t affect the cherry trees.

Gomen for being the bearer of not-so-nice news.


Once they hit full bloom how long do they last? Hours or will they hang out for a few days?

I quote from

';Full bloom (mankai) is usually reached within about one week after the opening of the first blossoms (kaika). Another week later, the blooming peak is over and the blossoms are falling from the trees. Strong wind and rain can cut the blooming season even shorter.';

Kind of like normal cherry trees everywhere, iow. ;)

%26lt;Once they hit full bloom how long do they last? Hours or will they hang out for a few days?%26gt;

Usually, it takes 1 week to hit full bloom, then they hang on for another week, provided we don%26#39;t get a storm passing thorough. The showers of blossoms are maginificent, except if you%26#39;re parked underneath a tree and your car is covered with pink petals that are hard to wash off. Heavens forbid if it should rain, then become sunny - and the petals are left to dry on your car! If it%26#39;s your turn to sweep the sidewalk, you%26#39;ll also not have pleasant thoughts about fallen petals. ;-)

The week is predicted to be ';cold'; again, so the flowers should have a chance to do a bit of ';freeze framing'; and won%26#39;t be rushed to blossom.

Be sure to pick up a ';cherry blossom viewing lunchbox'; (obento) at one of the basement shops in the department stores (VERY popular thing to do, and some of the shops have special lunches prepared just of the occasion) and partake in the goodies under the trees.

You can%26#39;t take alcohol into Shinjuku Gyoen (unless you keep it well hidden), but they sell beer and sake there. Closed on Mondays, and is open 9am to 4 pm (must leave the park by 4:30). Many parks have gates and ';hours,'; so be sure to check before you get there.

Aoyama Cemetary is a popular place for night-viewing. Some people will even bring karaoke machines, so even the permanent residents can feel that they%26#39;re part the of party. Favorite song is ';Ghost Busters';? lol

One thing to remember -- kindly take your trash home!


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