Sunday, April 4, 2010

Train times etc.

I am trying to find out how to get from tokyo to suzuka race track for the Japanese grand prix.

How long it would take?

And how near to the race track could i get?

I was also looking for some accomodation nearby?

Any suggestions as i am pretty stuck.


Train times etc.

You need to get from Tokyo to Nagoya, then from Nagoya to the Race track:

All laid out on Japan-guide:

Train times etc.

I don%26#39;t know the area at all, but it looks like a rural/small town area with no hotels.鈥?

You might want to stay in Nagoya near the train station.

Here are a few that I saw at鈥?鈥etail.html

I agree with the suggestion to stay at Nagoya. The train doesn%26#39;t take that long to get to the circuit and Nagoya would be easier to get around and has more to offer in term so food and shopping.

There are hotels around Suzuka area if you really want. Just look up F1 Suzuka Circuit on Google Maps, then search for hotels and you will see a bunch of locations pop up in Japanese. Just copy and paste the foreign names into Google%26#39;s search engine to locate the hotel website.

I%26#39;ve stayed at this hotel in Nagoya:鈥ndex.html

It%26#39;s situated above a subway station which is 2 stops from Nagoya Station. You%26#39;ll probably find the prices shown in the reservation system are slightly cheaper than those on the front page. You can only book within 3 months of your stay I think.

I went for the Comfort Single which had a massage chair in it!

This gives most of hotels around the circuit %26amp; Suzuka city. 鈥鈥?.htm

Suzuka Royal Hotel is the closest. http//

Business Hotel Ippuku is close, too.鈥?/a>

There are many ryokans but all in Japanese and I don%26#39;t remember which one we stayed.

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