Friday, April 2, 2010

lugage forwarding?


we%26#39;re traveling with a toddler, and was wondering how we can send our luggage (without taking it with us) to our apartment when we land at narita airport. We will be travelling to our apartment by train, so we want to minimise the amount of things we will be carrying + pushing a stroller.

Any detailed information would be much appreciated.


lugage forwarding?

Yes, there are several companies that deliver baggage, you will see the signs when you pass customs %26amp; exit. (';Delivery service'; or something like that) You fill out a form, pay about $20, and you will get the bags (usually) within 24 hours.

Have a look here for more details…svc_05_t1.html

lugage forwarding?

obviously someone has to be around to receive the baggage when it arrives. You can specify a relatively small window of delivery to make planning easier.

Your luggage won%26#39;t arrive the same day, so be sure to carry a couple of days worth or clothing in a small bag. There%26#39;s also a service that sends luggage back to Narita, but plan on sending it a couple of days prior to your departure.

If your apartment is in central Tokyo and you arrive in the morning or before a certain cut-off time you can probably get it the same day (evening). You need to check with each of the forwarding services to find out the cut-off times, though. It%26#39;s not a sure thing. I%26#39;ve only had my bags arrive the same day once but I usually arrive at around 5:00PM. Once, I arrived a few hours early (due to weak headwinds that day) and my bags arrived at about 10:00PM on the same day.

Look for a Black Cat logo. They are one of the larger services and very reliable.


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