Sunday, April 4, 2010

Do the Japanese get ';Easter Baskets';?

I am visiting my company%26#39;s office in Tokyo and we are trying to figure out something to bring them that would represent a custom of what we do back home in our families. Being that it%26#39;s almost April it%26#39;s also almost Easter. Are Easter baskets a custom in Japan or would us bringing one be something they would not normally see?

Do the Japanese get ';Easter Baskets';?

no easter baskets in Japan, but people would love it, its soooo cute.

Do the Japanese get ';Easter Baskets';?

Goodness, LordJezo, you%26#39;re going to bring beer AND Easter baskets? That%26#39;s going to be quite a party at your office!

They don%26#39;t sell egg coloring kits, so be sure to bring one from home. Good news, though -- they sell boiled eggs at the convenience stores! Maybe you could do a demonstration! :-)

I agree that Easter is non-existent in Japan. It would be something unique and fun for them to see. You can print this out and show them: which is a Japanese page describing Easter eggs.

I think you%26#39;ll start a trend, the same way Santa and Halloween have become popular. Great idea!


People don%26#39;t even know what Easter is.

Religious knowledge of Japanese is very poor. They think Christian churches are places for weddings.

Amazingly, many people don%26#39;t even know the means of Christmas.

Well. I don%26#39;t want Easter as another commercial methods to sell items. I%26#39;m absolutely sick of it. So if you bring them Easter baskets, please, explain the meaning of the custom. Please!!!!!

I don%26#39;t think the average American, me included, can make the connection between Easter baskets and religion. They will probably wind-up going to Japanese children who will appreciate and remember something nice. It%26#39;s the thought that counts.


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