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Catholic church near Keio Plaza

Hi TA%26#39;s, will anyone know if there is a Catholic church near Keio Plaza?

Catholic church near Keio Plaza

Take the Oedo Line (subway) to Roppongi.

Franciscan Chapel Center

Saturday night Mass at 6 pm. Sunday at 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon, and 6 pm. It%26#39;s all in English.

If you come to the 10, I%26#39;ll be singing! :-) Be sure to stand up for the ';welcome'; at the end of Mass and tell us where you%26#39;re from!


St. Ignatius is at Yotsuya station.

When are you coming?

Catholic church near Keio Plaza

Hi mamajelli, we plan to visit on Easter Sunday but due to time constraint, I%26#39;m not sure if we can stay for a mass. We just plan to say our prayers since its a very important day for us Catholics. how long does a mass in Japan usually lasts?

Ah, Easter! Well, the Mass will be shorter than Palm Sunday or the Vigil! lol Sunday Mass is usually an hour. More people seem to attend on Easter, so I would plan on an hour and 15 minutes.

Here%26#39;s a site for the Archdiocese of Tokyo.

Click on the ';churches'; tab, then go to ';23 wards.';

The ';Kojimachi'; is the Ignatius Church at Yotsuya. It%26#39;s on the same plot of land as Sophia University.

Roppongi is also on there.

The closest church to you, if you want to take a taxi, is ';Hatsudai.';

If you%26#39;re on your way to or from someplace, there are several Catholic churches which might be in your vicinity. Where are you going that day?

Hi there,

can anyone please point me to the mass schedule on Good Friday (10th Apr) on FCC site, if any? any other links where i might find such infomation? i am looking for english mass only. :)

Thanks very much!



Good Friday Mass has usually been at 6 pm, but there was talk this year of moving it to 7 pm so that those who work could attend without rushing.

Goodness, the Easter schedule isn%26#39;t on the website YET!???? I%26#39;ll check and post later.

English masses are regularly held at FCC in Roppongi as most of the parishioners are foreigners.

St. Ignatius in Yotsuya and the Meguro Catholic Church have Mass in English at 12 noon.

Click on ';Churches'; tab, then on the ';English Mass'; tab on the right. There are masses in lot os other languages, too!

Generally speaking, the Mass times are the same on Easter as on a regular Sunday.


Our itinerary for that day is

Sensoji temple,nakamise street, meiji shrine, hatrajuku ,shibuya.

Are there any Catholic church within this area? Are the churches open even if there is no sheduled mass?


Such luck! There%26#39;s a Catholic church in Asakusa!

According to the Tokyo Archdiocese website (link is in the post above):

*From Asakusa Sta. of Asakusa Subway Line - take the A4 exit.

Go straight . After 3 blocks, turn left and go straight again. About 150m, after the 2nd traffic signal, you%26#39;ll see the church on the right. It%26#39;s about 10 minutes walk from the station.


Good Friday service at the Franciscan Chapel Center in Roppongi is at 7 pm. The website has been updated.



The church should be open all the time, especially on Easter Sunday! :-)

Thanks you very much, mamajelli. really appreciate your help on this. cheers!

We are arriving at the Westin Tokyo in Ebisu on 4/18/09. My in-laws would like to attend a Sunday Mass (in English). I went to the Archdiocese website but can%26#39;t tell which church is near Ebisu. Any help is appreciated.


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