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Day trip to Sekinoo fall and Siibae park(Mimata town)

Can I do visit Sekinoo fall (miyakonojo) and Siibae park (mimata) with in a day from Miyazaki city ?

If so, any idea how far is Sekinoo fall from the Jr station ? possible to walk there ?

Day trip to Sekinoo fall and Siibae park(Mimata town)

You can take a LEX Kirishima(47min.) or local train from Miyazaki to Miyakonojo on JR Nippo line. Walk 3 min. to Kitahara bus stop. Take a bus(~30min.) bound for Kirishima Jingu Mae %26amp; get off at Sekinoo fall. Or go to Nishi-Miyakonojo and 24 min. bus ride.

LEX runs about every 2 hrs. Check for the time table. It is about 5km walk from JR Takarabe.

For Shiibae park, get off at JR Mimata, take a bus(20min.) bound for 鏀跨煝璋?Masayadani or Seiyadani?) %26amp; get off at Oono stop(澶ч噹), %26amp; 5 min. walk.

You might visit Kurume, Fukuoka, known for the famous azaleas where most of Shiibae park azaleas come from %26amp; for delicious Kyushu ramen.

Day trip to Sekinoo fall and Siibae park(Mimata town)

Thanks for the advice.

Am staying the night at Kirishima Iwasaki Resort, so how can I go to Sekino-o fall from Kirishima -jingu ?

You can either take the bus at Kirishima Jingu bound for Miyakonojo (check the Sekino-o-no-taki stop)or take the JR local to Kitamata?, Takarabe %26amp; walk(~1 hr.) or LEX to Miyakonojo and take a bus.

This might help orient yourself.

Note: there is a typo in this site map. The JR line is Nippo Honsen(main line), not Nitto.

Thanks again !

So If I take a LEX to Miyakonojo station, I still need to take a bus to Sekino-o fall . How long is the bus ride ?

The web site map error has now been corrected.

Please read my previous posting.

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