Monday, December 12, 2011

1 day in Fukuoka


We%26#39;ll be in Fukuoka for a day and a half and had a couple questions. We love to hike and would like to go to Mount Aso. We are arriving on the faery from Busan, Korea and were wondering the easiest way to get there? Does anyone know of any other trails or routes that would be enjoyable?

As well we were looking for cheap accommodations and were wondering if there were any hostels?

Any help would be greatly appreicated!!


Al and Jess

1 day in Fukuoka

Did you mean hostels in Aso area or Fukuoka?

if Fukuoka, the only hostel is Khao San in Hakata, but if there are two of you, I think t would be the same price or maybe even cheaper to stay at an inexpensive business hotel.

1 day in Fukuoka

There is no direct bus or train from Fukuoka to Aso.

You can either go to Kumamoto and to Aso or to Kurokawa onsen and to Aso. See:

You might rent a car. You can drive very scenic mountain roads between Aso and Yufuin on Yamanami HW or straight north and can visit many onsen %26amp; off the beaten path places as buses %26amp; trains are infrequent in Aso area. Mt. Kuju area is good for hiking, too.

For pensions, hostels %26amp; other accommodations around Aso:

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