Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hida-Furukawa - late afternoon / evening visit ??

We read with interest a visit to Hida-Furukawa. Arriving at Takayama on 11 April @ 3:00pm, we were considering taking the 4:03pm train to Hida-Furukawa, spend the late afternoon there, maybe have dinner before catching the last 9:03pm train back to Takayama.

Welcome feedback on whether this is a good idea - will the shops be closed, it%26#39;ll be dusk/dark, could we get a meal, etc....

We have the next one %26amp; a half in Takayama - should we make this trip the following day for a couple of hours?

Thanks !!

Hida-Furukawa - late afternoon / evening visit ??

Hmmm. I spent two nights in Hida-Furukawa, though one night of that was at the festival in Takayama. I spent a full day in Hida-Furukawa and have to admit it was a bit too much time there. But a restaurant. I can%26#39;t remember seeing someplace to eat dinner. You would have many many choices in Takayama...Maybe a morning and an early lunch in Furukawa the next day.

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