Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm here and have a couple of questions

We are at Keio Plaza in Shinjuku. Been here Sunday. Really enjoying our stay, everyone is so friendly and polite! The hotel room is awesome, right down to our heated toilet seat! Never seen so many people in one place (other than maybe DC fireworks!)

ok, a few questions....I am having some trouble finding a few things...

Where can I buy Japanese baseball stuff?

Where can I buy souvenir t-shirts?

From the Keio, how do I get to a 100 yen shop close to our hotel? Found one by Ueno Park, but haven%26#39;t seen one since. I wrote down how to get to some recommended on TA, but is there a close one I am missing by my hotel?

Tempura...other than going to east side to Tsunahachi (which we did and it was amazing!), where is there a tempura shop (sit at the counter in front of the chef kind) on the west side near the Keio?


I'm here and have a couple of questions

Suzibell there are many, from the Keio walk to the Seibu Shinjuku Prince Hotel (Seibu Shinjuku Station) don%26#39;t go in the station or hotel itself, attached to the hotel is the PEPE shopping center, go to the 8th floor, that%26#39;s a 100yen shop there.

Also in Harajuku there%26#39;s a big 100 yen store in Harajuku 2 stops from Shinjuku Station.

I'm here and have a couple of questions

As for baseball stuff, you can try to go to Suidobashi Station, which is on the Chuo-Sobu Line LOCAL (yellow) JR line. This is home to Tokyo Dome, and of course the Giants, many baseball related shops there.

Baseball stuff -

The major department stores also carry baseball merchandise.

Dining search tool -

Closest 100yen store to Keio, on the east side of Shinjuku station

Google Maps street view

Thank you! I wandered over to Pepe Building and found the CanDo shop. It was my first adventure that far from the hotel without my hubby. It took me 90 minutes to walk there because I kept getting lost and turned around. Only took me 20 minutes to walk back.

We will head to Tokyo dome tomorrow or Friday...thanks!

Heading to Harajuku today, so we will check out the big 100 yen shop there, thanks so much.

You all have been great at helping me out, sure appreciate it!

You can get Japanese T-shirts at Narita Airport. That%26#39;s the best place to get those. They are also available in tourist areas.

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