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Enough space for large luggage in Shinkansen ??

Have read many topics on this in TA - are there generally problems finding a spot of larger luggage behind the back seats of Shinkansen carriages? We are 4 adults travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto, with 2 larger luggage. We had planned to use the luggage forwarding service but just discovered that the apartment at Kyoto is self-service with no one manning the apartment - so no one to receive the luggage.

Hence the question if we are likely to find ourselves with no space for the 2 larger luggage. Would taking a less crowded Shinkansen help? If so, what%26#39;s a good time to depart Tokyo ( we depart Wed. 1 April )? Any other suggestiong welcomed !

Thanks in advance.

Enough space for large luggage in Shinkansen ??

Please look at the images in the link.

Ordinary class:

Green car:


Enough space for large luggage in Shinkansen ??

%26gt;%26gt;what%26#39;s a good time to depart Tokyo ( we depart Wed. 1 April )?%26lt;%26lt;

Trains leaving Tokyo in the late afternoon or in the evening would be recommended.

While not having enough space behind the seats for luggage is a potential problem, I%26#39;ve never heard anyone say there wasn%26#39;t room for their luggage. I didn%26#39;t have a problem when I hauled a big suitcase onto the Shinkansen and tossed it behind the last seats.

If you leave from Tokyo Station, you%26#39;ll be one of the first on, so there should be room. It%26#39;s the people who get on at later stations that might have problems.

A general rule of thumb is, if it was too big to fit in the overhead compartment on the flight over to Japan (on an airplane) then it will be too big to fit in the overhead compartments of the Shinkansen.

Another item I take into consideration is that large luggage will limit the recline of the seats for the people who sit in those rear seats depending on how much or how large they were. It is something *I* take into consideration if I were sitting in those seats so I try to avoid them, but you are free to use them for luggage space.

Could you not forward the luggage to a store or similar near your apartment?

Thank you all for your feedback. Sound like we should be OK, being the ';first'; passengers getting on board at Tokyo.

MapleG, we%26#39;ve tried Hotel to Hotel before - but a bit hesitant not having done what you%26#39;ve suggested. Very limited command of spoken Japanese %26amp; inability to write / read could result in a lot more time spend retrieving the luggage. Thanks for the suggestion!

If you are 4 adults with 2 huge bags, you might find it easier to travel with 4 medium size bags. Anything small enough to fit in the overhead bin on the plane will fit in the overhead rack on the train. There will probably be enough space at the back of your carriage for your bags. If not, then you can look for space in the next carriage. Don%26#39;t worry about anyone stealing your bags, it just doesn%26#39;t happen in Japan.

When you are waiting for your train, it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to wait for your particular car number. Since you will have luggage, you won%26#39;t be able to move all that fast. And the trains don%26#39;t stop for long. So if you wait at the wrong spot for your car, just get on the train and walk through the cars until you get to the right place.

Space in the Shikansen notwithstanding, lugging large suitcases around in train stations and elsewhere is going to be a hassle and detract from your completely enjoying that part of the trip. Here is an interesting piece of information on Yamato Transport from a post on a Japan Guide forum: ';they can hold your luggage for certain periods of time as well so that if you haven%26#39;t arrived yet, the luggage won%26#39;t arrive before you get there.'; This provides the option of scheduling arrival of your luggage after you are already at your next destination, even the following day, so you can receive it yourself. You might even be able to ask for delivery at your destination address after you have notified them that you have arrived. If you are sending from a hotel, you should ask the hotel desk personnel to help you with providing the specific delivery instructions. They should be able to ask the delivery company to verify the service as well. You might need to bring a few things in a carry-on to tide you over until the luggage arrives. So, more information for you to consider.

When I put my luggage behind the last row of the Shinkansen train, I found it had plenty of space and should not prevent the person sitting there from reclining. Of course, you should avoid bringing huge items onto the train anyway.

If you are just going Tokyo to Kyoto, then the ride is very straightforward and there are escalators and elevators for the platforms. Just take a taxi or two once you get to Kyoto with your luggage.

Car numbers for trains are usually painted onto the platform for different types of trains that will be arriving. If you can figure out how to read these signs, you can wait at the exact spot where the train doors of your car will open.

Thank you Bargainhunter, Cicimo %26amp; Sammyfloyd for your feedback. Our luggage are not oversized ( I hope ! ) 650mm length, 300mm deep and 450mm wide - I think they will fit into the space behind the back seats ( any comments? ).

We%26#39;ll make sure we%26#39;re well positioned at the platform to embark directly onto the correct carriage on the Shinkensen.

Thanks again !

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