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When is the best time to go Tokyo Disneyland...

I will be going to Tokyo on 25 March 2009 to 5 April 2009 to catch the cherry blossom and probably would drop by TDL. But understand my trip fall into the school spring break therefore just wondering when would be the best time to go to TDL excluding Saturday and Sunday.

In fact from my previous experience, I went to TDL on a non public holiday and non school break weekday. And to my suprise it was so crowded. Just wonder now that it is a school break, how crowded would it be...

When is the best time to go Tokyo Disneyland...

Goodness, it%26#39;s going to be a zoo at that time. Best time to go would be on a rainy weekday in the middle of winter. Disneyland%26#39;s ALWAYS crowded, but during holidays and especially during seasons with nice weather, it gets jam-packed.

When is the best time to go Tokyo Disneyland...

I am planning my Japan itinerary for the first 2 weeks of April - to catch cherry blossom season too - and had no idea it was school break!

Is this why the hotels in Kyoto are all booked out?

Do you have the exact dates of school break? We are there until the 14th so hopefully its over before then.

P.S. To the OP I can%26#39;t speak for Tokyo DL but if its anything like Anaheim DL then it would still make sense to stick to Tuesdays and Wednesdays as parents tend to take long weekends off to take their children.

It seems that spring break this year is basically from March 20 (national holiday -- Spring Equinox) to April 6. April 7 is the start of the school year. Many schools will probably have their entrance (welcome/orientation) ceremony on April 6. Kids will be at Disney in the afternoon for sure!

TDR (Tokyo Disney Resorts as it%26#39;s now called, which includes DisneyLAND and DisneySEA) is always crowded. Even if it%26#39;s not a school break and not a public holiday, some schools will have their school trips to Disney. Disney also has a freebie day to all Chiba citizens on Chiba Prefecture Day on June 15. That day is also Tochigi Prefecture Day. Other ';silent'; holidays that you should be aware of -- Oct. 1 (Tokyo), Oct. 28 (Gunma), Nov. 13 (Ibaraki), Nov. 14 (Saitama), Nov. 20 (Yamanashi). AVOID those dates!

February used to be considered the ';least crowded'; month. It used to also be closed on Tuesdays in the winter as that was the least crowded day, but now I think it%26#39;s open all the time.

Be sure to check to see if your favorite ride is operating!鈥top.html

I will be in Tokyo also during this time, March 26 to April 5.

How crowded would Disney Sea be on the week day during the school break. My guess is that it would still be crowded, probably probably less then the weekend?

As a general rule, mid-week will be less busy than the weekends but during school break, be prepared for large crowds.

Be sure to get to the gates early (before the gates open) and make use of the fastpass system for the more popular rides. Try to ride the most popular rides first to avoid long lines. Wait times for rides also tend to decline during major shows and parades.

we were in Tokyo last August and apparently it was summer break at this time - we went to both DisneyLAND and DisneySEA and found the crowds overwhelming! we arrived about 1/2 hour before opening time and couldn%26#39;t belive the large crowds already waiting to enter the parks. Our aim was to head straight and get a fast pass but as soon as the gates opened everybody just ran!! was crazy!! So unfortunately we gave all rides a miss :( we spent the whole day just walking around (melting with the humidity!!) and enjoying the coolness of the shops. So even if you get there early be prepared for it to be busy.

We still had fun though :))



You are a very tolerant person! :-)

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