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Walk from Shinjuku Central Park to Golden Gai

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Just wondering how long it will take to walk to Golden Gai from Shinjuku Central Park. It is kinda hard to tell purely from the maps.


Walk from Shinjuku Central Park to Golden Gai

It%26#39;s quite a walk because you%26#39;re going from the far west side of Nishi-Shinjuku to the other side of the tracks into Shinjuku 5-chome. It%26#39;s about 1200-1300 meters so figure about 16-18 minutes It%26#39;s not a straight shot, either, you will need to get across the tracks through the station, through a tunnel and/or over a bridge. I%26#39;ve done this walk a few times from near the Century Hyatt into Kabukicho to meet friends.

Walk from Shinjuku Central Park to Golden Gai


As I remember, the easiest way to get to the destination is to walk straight north until you come to Oume Kaido Avenue and cross it and turn right, heading to a big railroad overpass along that avenue. If you go under the overpath, you%26#39;ll know Kabuki-cho is just two blocks away on your left. Shinjuku Golden Street is also on the left-hand side about 300 meters away from Kabuki-cho. About 20 min%26#39;s walk from the park, I guess.

Golden-gai is an old strip where, as you may know, small bars stand side by side. It seems that they have regular customers but that first-timers are welcome. The owner-bartenders are, in some cases, men clad in kimono or dress for women. Yes, they make up just like women. I don%26#39;t know whether they are a gay or not, though.

And I don%26#39;t blame them for the way they look, either. But fom the standpoint of conservative people, it is a bit weird place. At one time, it is said, well-known writers and / or musicians frequented bars in that strip and had a lot of fun.

I did that walk all the time as I always stayed at Century Hyatt when someone%26#39;s paying. 20 minutes is on the tight side as it takes me that long and I walk real fast.

A good write-up on the golden-gai鈥?/a>

Golden Gai near Hanazono Shrine:鈥?shinjuku_map.gif鈥rint_003_Shinjuku.pdf (PDF printable shinjuku map)鈥?0Gai鈥?/a>

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