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14 Days in Japan..What do to??

My wife and I are goign to be spending 14 days in Japan. We do know a little what we want to do, but woudl like to see what everyone would reccomend for someone who has 14 days. We were thinking of just baseing ourselves out of Tokyo and taking trains everywhere for the day, but not sur eif thats the best choice.

14 Days in Japan..What do to??

When is your trip? Sometimes the season will make a difference.

What are your interests? Do you want to the city? More historical? Just ';different';?

You could start by looking at various itineraries that tour companies offer.銆€銆€Just for reference.鈥?/a>

If you have 2 whole weeks, by all means, go OUT of Tokyo! The ';real'; Japan is outside the metropolis. Dozo, go on an ';adventure';! :-)

14 Days in Japan..What do to??

Time frame is 22 may to 5th june

Our interests are anything that it can offer, I mean we have already picked a few things like a couple of museums, sumo match, want to get to a baseball game, saki tour..things like that, but we are trying to figure out where to make our main base of operations so-to-speak. Not sure if rental car might be a good option? The ain problem is that there seem to be real good tours, but why spend a lot of money on one, when I can get a JR pass and or spend more to get local transport and visit places myself. We do like to explore on our own when we go on vacation

You have many travel options. A good site to do some research -

Also do a search for itineraries on this forum. Similar questions have been asked.

With 14 days, you should not base yourself at Tokyo only. 14 days are a lot of time for Tokyo and surrounding areas. If you haven%26#39;t been to Kyoto, you should head down there. Since you don%26#39;t want to move around too much, stay at Osaka and use Osaka as a base for day trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Himeji, Nara, etc. Get a 7-day JR Pass and return to Tokyo with the week and you can save lots of money.


I think what you mean is a base to start and end you stay. If so, Tokyo is the way to go. Any good hotel will hold your large luggage for a week as you venture outside of Tokyo with smaller carry-on bags. Return to Tokyo, the same hotel, and save a couple of days for shopping and Tokyo sights, otherwise, you%26#39;ll be making a long train trip from the Kyoto side to Narita.


Thanks for the advice. My wife and I were thinking of doing just that, start and finish in Tokyo enough time for the sites there, and take 2-3 day stays at otehr locations with small travel bags.

the novelty of Tokyo wears off quickly and you%26#39;ll be sad if you don%26#39;t see places like Kyoto, Himeji castle, etc. I would recommend seeing Kanazawa as well but I don%26#39;t know how easy it would be to get around if you don%26#39;t speak any Japanese.

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