Monday, December 12, 2011

Advise on apparel for March

We%26#39;re in the midst of getting ready for our trip and with no intention of overpacking, would love for anyone to advise what we should wear for March.

We%26#39;ve got woolen sweaters, would these suffice?

Is a trench coat over the top?

Appreciate your input!!

Advise on apparel for March

Your wool sweaters should be ok. Trench coat would be overkill I think - it does get a little chilly at that time of year, particularly in the evenings.

It got up to about 15 degrees today, and I was walking around in shorts and a fleece sweatshirt for a while in the afternoon. The past few days have been horrible - cloudy, rainy, and cold. There was even some snow last week.

Advise on apparel for March

Weather in March can swing wildly, but if you%26#39;re going toward the end of March, a trench coat is probably unnecessary. I took mine last year in March and never used it. It wasn%26#39;t even cold enough for sweaters and I think it%26#39;s been warmer this year than last.

Trench coats are all the rage this season, and everywhere I go I see people wearing them.

Check a site like just before you depart. You can use this to decide what clothes to take with you. In general, you probably don%26#39;t need a coat.

The weather has been very unsettled - high winds and rain have brought havoc today to the main rail lines and Haneda airport.

Yes, it was wierdly warm this morning. Sticky, humid southern air. Smelled like the sea. But the temperature dropped this afternoon. I had on a light down coat and it was still chilly.

If the sun comes out, it%26#39;s sure to be quite toasty warm. (And the sun will come out during the coming week!)

Bring a windbreaker. Just a sweater might be too chilly, especially when the wind is blowing. A scarf for your neck will make a big difference even if your jacket is thin.

I still wear a long coat to work as of now like Captain Columbo. Considering where you are from, you may feel chillier than us, so won%26#39;t say no to my attire.

Hi, Shot,

Captain Columbo? I think you just gave him a promotion! lol Do you have a bloodhound, too? :-)

It%26#39;s a beautiful morning in Tokyo. Blue sky, sunshine, a bit on the ';brisk'; side. Still need that coat.

You can see the buds of the cherry blossoms getting bigger and fuller by the day. Mo chotto da ne!


Possibly, Lt? Can%26#39;t feel my pocket for egg shells/match box/cigar butt, lol.

Weathermen/women say we%26#39;ll have more likely a spell of balmy spring days this week in Nara/Kyoto. Maybe I%26#39;ll go scouting around for early sakuras somewhere, leaving my long coat in my ol%26#39; clunker: no, not a fancy Peugeot.


Forgot to add to ask about this:

How soon do you think is the sakura in Palace (or Tokyo in general) going to come out? How soon is ';mo chotto'; soon? Have unforgettable memories of sakura in there myself. Well, I guess maybe you can recollect what it was like when railroads were on strike decades ago... I was commuting from Shinjuku to Marunouchi on FOOT, tempted to take a rest under sakuras in full bloom. Yes, my boss insisted on buying us cups of sake, doing the return leg also on FOOT.

%26lt;%26lt;You can see the buds of the cherry blossoms getting bigger and fuller by the day. Mo chotto da ne!%26gt;%26gt;

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