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Japan trip - Tokyo & Kyoto

We are a young (23 yr old) couple travelling to Japan for the first time.

Trip duration approx. 7 nights. We would like to keep it simple. WOuld 4 nights Tokyo %26amp; 3 nights Kyoto be a good pick? And would the 7 day Japan Rail pass be a good choice for transport ?

Hotel recommendations (app $100 AUS) per night would be much appreciated!

Japan trip - Tokyo %26amp; Kyoto

You should come out slightly ahead with a JR Pass if you are flying in/out of Tokyo. The roundtrip Tokyo/Kyoto costs about 26,000 Yen. If you take Nartia Express back to the airport when you depart, that trip is worth 3,000 Yen. You would have exceeded the face value of the 28,300 Yen pass already. Note that you can%26#39;t ride Nozomi shinkansen trains (the fastest and most frequent) with JR Pass.

If you goal is to save the most amount of money, take Keisei Limited Express (1,000 Yen) from Narita Airport to central Tokyo, then transfer to JR Yamanote Line (190 Yen in most cases) at Nippori for most destinations.

Trains fares and schedules:

Your hotel budget for Tokyo is a bit on the low side. Around A$140 will get you into the always reliable and basic business hotel chain Toyoko Inn which also provides free internet terminals and breakfast. For more budget places, search through some old posts or I%26#39;m sure others will gladly give you some recommendations.

Toyoko Inn website:

Japan trip - Tokyo %26amp; Kyoto

Are you flying in and out of the same airport?

Yes Will most likly be flying in and out of the same airport - Narita I would think

What do you mean by you saying ';keep it simple?';

It depends upon what your primary interests are too.

I have once heard some Japanese guys saying, Kansai (region includes Kyoto) is good because anywhere you go, it%26#39;s fun.

Prices are bit lower in Kansai too. AND, the food is not comparable. They don%26#39;t have good food in Tokyo except sushi.

If your aim to save money, consider taking one way (or both ways) to/from Kyoto on an overnight bus saving on transportation %26amp; one night hotel cost.

Also you can take a free seating Nozomi bullet. Taking Keisei Tokkyu and all the above will save you some for other things. Buy also the 500 yen Kyoto bus day pass.

Uhhh, you may get some disagreement regarding this statement, especially from Kanto people, who tend to be as chauvinistic as Kansai people when it comes to food.

%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;AND, the food is not comparable. They don%26#39;t have good food in Tokyo except sushi.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;

I agree about the debatable blanket statement. Some regional food is different. But general Japanese food you run into everyday are pretty much the same. Japan has a lot of chain restaurants these days.

Be sure to head to the Donki shop as well. The 100 Yen shops get tiring after a while as everything is the same budget stuff. Donki shop has higher end but still affordable goods and it%26#39;s very interesting to browse. Another benefit is that it%26#39;s open way past midnight so it gives you something to do after dinner.

It%26#39;s located just east of the tracks. See link below:鈥?/a>

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