Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AC Power Plug Question

Just wanted to make sure that what I%26#39;ve read is correct. As I understand, if the AC power plug prongs are the same size %26amp; do not have a third prong, they will fit into %26amp; work with Japanese sockets, correct? My electronic items may charge slower because Japan is not 120V, but they will still charge %26amp; work, right?

AC Power Plug Question

Yes most things will work fine.

I have lived in Japan for a long while, and my North American laptop, electric razor, digital camera battery recharges etc etc all work fine and without a hitch.

This applies to North American items, and not other countries that might use different voltages or plugs.

AC Power Plug Question

Most portable electronics (laptops, cameras, phones, MP3, etc) have chargers that can handle voltage from 100V to 240V these days. Just read the charger to be sure.

Polarized 2-prong plugs (found in high load appliances such as hair dryer, kettle) will require an adapter and you will lose the protection if it%26#39;s plugged in incorrectly.

You can buy an asymmetrical-to-symmetrical adapter anywhere they sell travel adapters. It%26#39;s best to have one of these with you if you have any plug that is asymmetrical. As for the ground, you can buy the adapter at most hardware stores. This adapter will be asymmetrical so you will still need the travel adapter so that the blades are of equal width.

Some Japanese outlets have asymmetrical slots but many do not.

You are correct. Just make sure one of the blades is not fat(wider) at the end.

You also should be aware that two different frequencies are used in the country 50Hz for eastern side(includes tokyo) and 60Hz for western side(includes Kyoto %26amp; Osaka)

I think chargers are not affected by the frequency of the input AC power since the charger is going to convert the AC to DC. The only devices that would be affected by the frequency difference are those that use the AC to run a clock.

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