Monday, December 12, 2011

Which hotel is better for trips to Kyoto

We are booking last minute rooms in Osaka with the intent of going to Kyoto for day trips. Will be there April 3-6 and then onto Tokyo.

There are rooms available at Swissotel Nankai, which is in the Namba train station, or

Crowne Plaza Ana, I%26#39;m not sure what area its in?

Both try to sound like they have easy access to Kyoto, but never having been there, it is so difficult to tell!

I read on these boards to avoid staying in the Namba area because it will take too long to get to Kyoto. Do you agree?

Thanks for your help!


Which hotel is better for trips to Kyoto

My guess is you%26#39;ll save 10 or 15 minutes each way if you stay in the Umeda area rather than the Namba area.

Which hotel is better for trips to Kyoto

The above post is correct. It%26#39;s much better to stay at the Osaka Station/Umeda area for quick access between Kyoto and Osaka. JR Special Rapid service takes just 29 minutes between the two cities for 540 Yen.

If you stay at Namba, you%26#39;d have to take the subway to Umeda first and transfer, adding another 20 minutes and 230 Yen to your cost.

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