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Most Popular Japan Tours Packages from US?

I%26#39;m narrowing down some options for an October 2009 honeymoon (~10-15 days). So far it%26#39;s down to China and Japan with more current interest in Japan.

I%26#39;d like all your thoughts on:

a) First time visiting Japan, in YOUR mind, is it worth a full package?

b) What tour companies would you recommend?

Hunting around google, I found a few tour companies that offer some Japan Air/Land packages. But the prices swing dramatically, and with the itineraries so close, it%26#39;s hard to tell which companies are reputable.

Here is what I found:

1) SmarTours - - 12 days $2999 + tax

2) Friendly Planet - - 10 days $2899 + tax

3) Tour East - - several but %26gt;$4000 + tax


Most Popular Japan Tours Packages from US?

I%26#39;m not trying to discourage you from taking an organized tour. IMO, an organized tour is not necessary. Japan is very easy to explore on your own. You can create your own itinerary and travel at your own pace. Just my two cents.

Take a look at -

Most Popular Japan Tours Packages from US?

You certainly don%26#39;t need a tour package. Everything can be done on your own if you do a little planning. Save the money and use it to upgrade your lodging.

Thanks for the tips!

The main thing I feared is potential language barriers. My pre-wife and I have done a bit of international travelling: Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, (few others). But with all those countries, aside from a few interesting conversation attempts, everyone from waitstaff to hotel attendants spoke english.

Excuse my ignorance, but is Japan just as simple in that sense? If so, and assuming transportation to attractions is easy, I%26#39;d definitely prefer to go travel independent. Gives us the freedom to relax when we need to. :)

Trains and buses have English and Japanese signs. Same for street signs. It helps to know a few Japanese phrases such as ';hello'; %26amp; ';thank you.'; It%26#39;s not intimidating.

The language will indeed be a barrier. However, with some patience, you can overcome it. Japanese are helpful people and you will learn much more and experience much more by going there yourself.

Cute-baby-angel wrote a very recent report on her visit that can shed some light for what first-timers could expect:…

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