Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Akita free day


I have a full day free to explore the area around Akita at the end of March. I have a JR pass, but no access to a car. I would like to see rural Japan as a contrast to Kyoto, Tokyo etc.. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Akita free day

For sightseeing and a bit of history, consider Kakunodate which is just 45 min JR from the city of Akita

For scenery and lake cruise, consider Tazawa-ko which is about 1 hr JR from Akita plus another 10 min bus

For onsen experience, consider Nyuto Onsen which is another 50 min bus from Tazawa-ko

For scenic train ride, consider the Gono line between Akita and Aomori/Hirosaki鈥ndex_f.html

Akita free day

Many thanks for your helpful post

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