Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cheapest way to get to Okinawa from the UK?

It is a very very long way away yet but l am going to a wedding in Okinawa in autumn 2010.

I%26#39;m starting saving now as l want to make it into a holiday and spend a couple of weeks out there.

I am just wondering if it%26#39;s better/cheaper to fly out to Tokyo and spend some time there and then fy down to Okinawa or if it%26#39;s better to fly to say Taiwan, Shanghai or The Philippines? It seems to be in the middle of all of them!

I%26#39;ve not been to any of those places so not sure which would give me the best holiday and which would be be the most economical. Any ideas/suggestions would be great!

Cheapest way to get to Okinawa from the UK?

No way to tell how fuel prices will effect costs in the future, you can fly to Japan, get a Japan Air Pass and fly segments in Japan for little cost with the Japan Air Pass.

Also you have the option of flying into Osaka Kansai which is in Central Japan vs. Narita which is in Eastern Japan.

Cheapest way to get to Okinawa from the UK?鈥apan_airpass.html

Japan Airpass info:


If you want to fly to some other country, the followings are travel agencies based in Japan:

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