Monday, December 12, 2011

Fujikyu/Fuji-yoshida vs Kawaguchiko & Thomas land


We%26#39;re planning to go to Fujikyu Theme park (Thomas Land)for one day.

We%26#39;ll be coming from Nagano %26amp; leaving straight to Osaka after staying one night around Fujikyu or Kawaguchiko.

I don%26#39;t know whether I should stay at Fujiyoshida City hotel which is next to Fuji-yoshida station, or I should stay in Kawaguchiko?

If I stay in Kawaguchiko, do you have any suggesstion for a hotel. ~%26lt;19000yen for twin room (2 adults 1 toddler). (i%26#39;m travelling with a 2.5yo boy, so I need a generous sized room)

I would like to have good views, but our main aim is to see Thomasland. If we have time, I would like to explore Mt Fuji %26amp; the lakes.

Does anyone know of an english website on Thomas land?



Fujikyu/Fuji-yoshida vs Kawaguchiko %26amp; Thomas land


We too are going to Japan in May and we were going to go to Fuji-Q, however after reading reviews about it decided not too. However, we were going for the big rollercoasters and Thomasland may well be different.

The website for the review: and then you click on Japan and go from there.

There is a Thomasland site in english:

Hope this helps.

Fujikyu/Fuji-yoshida vs Kawaguchiko %26amp; Thomas land

Hi Jo,

Saw your message from last year re: Thomas Land and staying overnight in the Fuji-area. We are planning on doing the exact same thing this coming weekend - how did your trip go? Do you have any advice in terms of places to stay in the Kawaguchi-ko area?


Jesper in Tokyo

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