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Best way to get to the Golden Pavilion from Kyoto station?

We will be staying in the city near the Kyoto JR station and would like to get up to the Golden Pavilion. What is the best way to do this? I have see different reports and links discussing the subway/trains, taxis, and buses. If we take a taxi from a station should we write down the name or will they understand if we say Golden Pavilion?

Also, around the Golden Pavilion what else can be seen by foot? Will it be hard to find other things around the area if we do not have a guide or good map?

Best way to get to the Golden Pavilion from Kyoto station?

Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji) is actually one of the attractions in Tokyo that is relatively out of the way. Bus 101 and 205 go there but it takes a fair amount of time. You may take the Karasuma subway line to Kitaoji Station instead and connect to a taxi from there.

If you decide to take the bus, be sure to go across the street and note the return times of the buses that will take you back to other places in Kyoto. Kyoto buses are sometimes quite infrequent and you don%26#39;t want to be standing at the bus stop for 1/2 hour waiting for one. One trick I do sometimes is actually take a picture of the time table so I can refer to it later.

Best way to get to the Golden Pavilion from Kyoto station?

Kinkakuji is for just taking a picture. If you had time, visit Ryoanji, that most famous Zen garden. I liked staying in the Myoshinji temple complex and back way walk in the early morning to Kinkakuji before the gate opening stopping at a few places on the way.鈥?/a>

With the map on that linked page it seems like it will be a simple walk to see West Kyoto by foot if we start at one spot.

Can we walk between them easily?

No, they are not so close each other. You can walk but it will take you quite bit.

While waiting for a bus at Kinkakuji, you can be at Ryoanji. It is about 15 min. walk on the main road %26amp; right across from Ritsumeikan U. Do Kyoto google map %26amp; find Hanazono JR station (NW of Kyoto station) and go straight North(Myoshinji) and beyond and see the three green areas. Nice walk with small museums, cafes %26amp; mostly locals only area. You can take a bus(buy the 500 yen day pass), street car or JR back to other areas.

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