Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bringing beer TO Tokyo, is this allowed?

Some of the folks we are visiting would like us to bring some local beer from the area we live in here in the USA. What is the rule on bringing beer into the country? I know we can take stuff out back home, but can we bring some in?

Bringing beer TO Tokyo, is this allowed?

You can bring in three bottles of alcohol duty-free, as long as you are at least 20 years old. (The rules don%26#39;t seem to allow for the bottles being smaller, like beer bottles, they just say three bottles of about 750 ml.) If you have more than three bottles, you can bring it, you just have to pay duty on it. I brought in five bottles of wine from Australia once, and had to pay duty on two, and if I remember correctly the cost was negligible and it was very easy to do right on the spot.

Of course the beer would have to be in your checked luggage.

Bringing beer TO Tokyo, is this allowed?

The duty is 150 Yen per bottle.


anyone got any idea on dutyfree cigarettes? allow to bring into tokyo?

I think two cartons? Maybe 400 cigarettes or something like that?

I%26#39;m not sure the airplane cargo compartment is pressurised or not. If you put your beer in an unpressurised compartment in 35000 ft. , I%26#39;m sure it will cause you some trouble. Could some experts answer this?

I haven%26#39;t had a problem bringing beer home. I just wrap it in garbage bags in case it leaks or breaks.

I take a case (24 cans) to California, in the original box. No special wrapping. It goes as ';luggage.'; Ground staff at Narita is real sweet -- they%26#39;ll put a ';fragile'; tag on it. No questions at the other end.

Coming to Japan from LAX is a whole different story, and not a pretty one to repeat. Hope you%26#39;re using another airport. :-(

So what exactly did they do at LAX?

California airports do not allow carbonated beverages. Besides, you can get beer in Japan from all over the world. Why go through the hassle? Bring good wine, it%26#39;s expensive there and becoming popular.

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