Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shibuya crossing

Hi ~

I have seen many pictures/videos on the net showing people crossing the busy intersection from above. Any suggestion of a good location where I should go to see it. Thanks.

Shibuya crossing

Starbuck%26#39;s in Qfront Building has a great view. The best location, however is ground zero--cross it several times with the mob!

Use Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station.

Shibuya crossing

whatever you do...

after starbuck%26#39;s crossing there%26#39;s a few floors of restaurants

dont go to the restaurant beginning with la something

its part of the supermarket/ shop on the gorund floor on 3rd and 4th floor

its blocked by a tree!!!!

as shown in this picture


starbuck%26#39;s is the left crossing of this picture

Thanks! I see, when is the busiest time or it is always busy there?

dont go after 8pm on a sunday

thats when we went and it wasn%26#39;t busy at all

thats all i can say

Think about when people would go shopping and drinking. That%26#39;s when it%26#39;s going to be the most busy. Saturday or Friday evening at 6:00PM, for instance.

Also, go to the Shibuya Excel Hotel and ride the elevator with glass walls. At night, you should be able to see the intersection from high floors. There are many photos posted in the internet (such as by hotel guests, but you don%26#39;t have to stay at this hotel to use the elevators.

Another option is on the walkway between the JR Yamanote Line and the Inokashira Line. You%26#39;ll get to see the crowd at Hachiko as well as the intersection.

Saturday or Sunday afternoon is always busy, as it early weekday evenings, around 5 or 6 pm. If it%26#39;s raining, you%26#39;ll get to see a sea of umbrellas! :-)

BTW, there%26#39;s a new Montbell right in front of Ebisu Staion. They ';might'; have your campstove there. They weren%26#39;t open when I walked by in the morning, but they were showcasing ';outdoorsy'; things. From the exit on the Shibuya side (back of train if you%26#39;re coming from Shibuya), turn right at the wicket. The store will be directly in front on the first floor, across the narrow one-way street.

Bon Voyage!

I think I went there once. Do they have wire running through the glass up there? I seem to recall something causing my shots to turn out pretty bad. I don%26#39;t remember if it was dirty windows or what it was now.

%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;Another option is on the walkway between the JR Yamanote Line and the Inokashira Line. You%26#39;ll get to see the crowd at Hachiko as well as the intersection.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;

Shot taken from the walkway between the Keio Inokashira Line and the JR Yamanote Line:


Was that taken with a point-and-shoot with a small lens footprint through the mesh? The shutter speed is a little slow and the shot appears over-exposed and the focal length appears pretty long. I have a similar shot and it turned out pretty bad. I think I was trying to do bulb (long exposure) shots with the headlights streaking through or something like that but nothing turned out very memorable. I think the Starbucks would be much better if you can get a seat near the window.

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