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Rollercoasters/ rides around Tokyo?

Hello all

I noticed that the Tokyo dome city has some thrill rides like rollercoasters. Are there any other places with rollercoasters in and around the Tokyo area? I have looked in my guide book, but can%26#39;t find much.

Also, are there any good swimming pools with big slides / waterparks? Is there one at Tokyo dome city?

Many thanks if you can help!

Rollercoasters/ rides around Tokyo?

The roller coasters that come to mind first are Disneyland and Disneysea (of course) and Hakkeijima at Yokohama.

A little further away is Fujikyu Highland. Thats the place with the really scary coaster.

The only water park I can think of is Toshimaen, but its only open in the summer.

Rollercoasters/ rides around Tokyo?

There are many theme parks within Tokyo (Tokyo-to/Tokyo Metropolis).

For some of the ones wholly within Tokyo-to, a list and access information:

There are also others located outside of Tokyo, but within 30minuts to 2 hours access.

They include of course, Tokyo Disney, Tokyo Disney Sea, and of course mentioned as FujiQ highland. ';Tokyo Disney'; of course isn%26#39;t in Tokyo Metropolis but next to in Chiba Prefecture, but is fast to access then say Fuji Q Highland or even Yomuriland if you are in Central Tokyo.

There are many coasters and parks in the area, some big some small. I will work on getting a better list soon.

This is a good source for themeparks in Japan

There%26#39;s a Yomiuri Land station on the Keio Line from Shinjuku which will take you directly to a gondola (';sky shuttle';) for a ride to the park.

Yes, the most ';thrilling'; rides are at Fuji-Q Highland!

*These rides won%26#39;t operate in the rain, so watch the weather report!

Have fun!

I recommend FujiQ-Highland =)

Couple of other suggestions -

Hanayashiki near Asakusa is the oldest amusement park in Japan. Its corny and retro and definitely a unique experience.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is perhaps a Japanese-hot-spring-bath-house-theme-water-park. Its worth a try for something completely different. There are reviews on TA and lots of google hits.

One bit of Tokyo trivia - there is actually a built and finished roller coaster in the middle of Roppongi. However, due to opposition of the local residents it was never opened. Its on top of the Don Quijote shop, which itself is a unique experience.


One more - Minato Mirai at Yokohama.

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