Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Itinerary review - Time allocation

Hi, I%26#39;ve read around the TA forums, Japan Guide and my Lonely Planet guide when planning my schedule.

But afterall, these are places I%26#39;ve never been to before, so I%26#39;d just like to check if I%26#39;ve allocated too much / too less time.

We are 20~30 years old females, so we enjoy a balance of sightseeing and shopping.

(These time are purely to be spent at the sites; meal times %26amp; transportation times etc are excluded)


Nishiki Market: 2 hours

Tenryuu-ji %26amp; the bamboo groves: 3 hours

Fushimi Inari Taisha: 1.5 hours

Kyoto Imperial Palace: 1.5 hours

Kiyomizu-dera %26amp; the streets: 2.5 hours


Himeji-jo: 2.5 hours (With this amount of time, am I able to go to the Koko-en next door?)


Rokkosan Pasture: 2.5 hours

Harborland: 2 hours


Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum: 2 hours

Dotonbori: 2.5 hours


Todai-ji %26amp; Nara Park: 2.5 hours


Shinjuku %26amp; Shibuya: 1 day

Harajuku, Omotesando %26amp; Aoyama: 1 day

Ueno Ameyoko: 3 hours

Akihabara: 3 hours

Tsukiji: 4 hours (I guess we might need to queue for quite some time for the breakfast)

Senso-ji %26amp; Nakamise: 2.5 hours

FujiTV Building: 1 hour

Decks %26amp; Palette Town: 4 hours

Do give me some comments if you feel that I ought to reduce or increase the time at certain places.

Thanks in advance!

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