Monday, December 12, 2011

12 day itinerary April 09 - any comments much appreciated

Hi there

This is my proposed itinerary that covers Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagano/Yamanouchi Town over 12 days during cherry blossom season.

Any comments and insights would be great!

Day 1 Thurs 2/4

Arrive at Narita Airport, checkin to Shinjuku hotel and go to free observation deck at Tokyo Metropolitan Building.

Day 2 Fri 3/4

Spend morning at TBA nice cherry blossom daytime spot (Ueno Park maybe?) and then to Harajuku/Shibuya for shopping

Day 3 Sat 4/4

Checkout of hotel. Asukusa Sensoji temple and adjacent Nakamise-dori shopping. Early afternoon take bullet train to Hakone/Mt Fuji, cruise Lake Kawaguchi?, get back on last bullet train to Kyoto from Hakone

Day 4 Sun 5/4

Flea markets at the South Gate of Toji Temple, Bamboo Forest and then Cherry Blossom NIght Festival - tba location.

Day 5 Mon 6/4

Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavillion, Fushimi Inari mountain shrine and then head to Osaka afternoon exploring and dinner.

Day 6 Tues 7/4

Ryoanji Rock Garden temple %26amp; Kiyomizu Temple. Head to Gion in afternoon, Geisha makeover %26amp; Geisha Miyako Odori dance festival

Day 7 Wed 8/4

Head to Nara Park, deers and Todaji temple for Buddha%26#39;s bday, flowers festival? Take last bullet train back to Tokyo (3hours). Checkin to Shinjuku hotel.

Day 8 Thurs 9/4 DisneySea

Day 9 Fri 10/4 Luggage hold @ Shinjuku hotel until our return. Take overnight bag %26amp; catch early morning train to Yamanouchi Town to see Snow Monkeys. Hot Springs at night.

Day 10 Sat 11/4 Explore Shibu Onsen, return to Tokyo late afternoon. Shinjuku/Shibuya saturday nightlife

Day 11 Sun 13/4 Harajuku Sundays 鈥?shopping/ cosplayers

Day 12 Mon 14/4 2009 Last minute souvenir shopping. Leave Tokyo for Narita Airport by 4pm.

The 4 days in Kyoto will be mixed around (except for the flea markets on Sunday) once I have worked out how they should be grouped by general location, ease of travel etc.

I have 2 questions - we are trying to take advantage of make stops on our way to and from Kyoto, can Mt Fuji be done in an afternoon, and also, is it viable to go straight to Yamanouchi Town after Kyoto? Or does it make more sense to return to Tokyo and go from there. On the map it seems be do-able but I have not put made our itinerary go that way as it looks like it involves a lot of train changes.

Thanks for any advice... =)

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