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7 days in Japan - Need help figuring out details


I%26#39;m going to Japan in April for 7 days (3 people total) and trying to figure out what we should do. We were thinking about staying in Toyko and then make a trip to Kyoto, but not sure for how long for each city.

Here are some details and what I was thinking. Let me know what you think.

- We land at Narita airport April 19th at 2pm. Should we go directly to Kyoto from the airport? If so, does any one know the details and the best way to get there? How many days should we stay in Kyoto?

- We are also looking for a hotel for 3 people in the $200/night range. The 3 persons makes it a little difficult. :( Any ideas? In terms of hotels, we%26#39;d like to be in a good location (where there are places to eat/things to do nearby at night), and then a place that is clean and comfortable...nothing too fancy, just something relatively nice. Does anyone have recommendations for 3 persons in both Tokyo and/or Kyoto?

- We then leave Japan (Narita) at 4pm on April 26th, so ideally, would like to be in Tokyo on the last night.

Let me know. Thanks!


7 days in Japan - Need help figuring out details

To get from Narita to Kyoto, you%26#39;ll need to take a train to Tokyo and switch to a shinkansen)high speed train)to get to Kyoto. IMO, you%26#39;re better off staying in Tokyo for the first part of your visit and then head to Kyoto for the last part.

From Kyoto back to Narita, you%26#39;ll need to go via Tokyo. It%26#39;s about 2.5 hours by train between Tokyo %26amp; Kyoto. You%26#39;ll have time to check out of your Kyoto hotel and get to Narita for a 4pm flight. No need to be in Tokyo for the last night.

Train schedules and fares here -

As far as how much time in each city, that%26#39;s up to you. It depends on what you want to see/do.

7 days in Japan - Need help figuring out details

It is up to you whether to go direct to Kyoto or not. But you may be getting to Kyoto late night(do for the trip %26amp; connections). I would say one or two night in Tokyo(buy 1,500+2,000 yen NEX/SUICA to Tokyo and activate the 7 day JR Pass(buy before you go) on the second day(visit Tsukiji Fish Market %26amp; have bf the first morning as you may wake up so early), then 3-4 nights in Kyoto would be good with side day trips to Nara and/or Osaka on the 7 day JR Pass. This way you can travel light by just taking the min. luggage and leave the rest at the same hotel. Also you can use the pass on JR line in Tokyo and SUICA for subways and the pass won%26#39;t expire until you get back to Narita AP. Spend the remaining SUICA, if any left, on food, souvenirs, etc. at Narita AP.

If you go direct to Kyoto, the pass will expire the day before you get back to Narita AP. NEX is expensive.

If you can not find cheaper ryokans/hotels for 3, try this hotel in Kyoto. They charge by the room(14,000 yen a day for the lowest, Sunday is more), not pp. BF included.

In Tokyo, there are many hotels but others can recommend for 3 or do or

I%26#39;m having more or less the same questions, and your answers are very helpful.

I intend to come back from Kyoto for international departure in the afternoon.

In Tokyo, will the train switch (from Shinkansen to the Narita shuttle) occur in the same station?


You will transfer at Tokyo Station.

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